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Luxury, simplicity and relaxation at Alika Resort

Located in one of the most affluent areas of Laconian Mani in the Peloponnese, our hotel, combines tradition with luxury, simplicity with tranquility.


The unique hospitality of Mani in an environment that combines tradition with modern comfort

The Alika Resort is located in the village of Alika in Mani, 10 km from the southernmost point of continental Europe, Cape Tainaro, 4 km from the castle town of Vatheia, 3 km from the picturesque village of Gerolimenas and 20 km from the cosmopolitan town of Areopoli. This area is rich in legends and myths with a history steeped in cultural and architectural traditions.

  • The stone-built Alika Resort has been constructed with respect for Mani's historical environment and architecture, providing a very pleasant and relaxing stay for its guests, thanks to its comfortable furnishings and modern amenities.
  • Our stone-built rooms embody the authentic beauty and tradition that characterize Mani. Constructed from locally sourced stone, these rooms provide a unique ambient environment that seamlessly combines tradition with luxury.
Unique experiences and activities in nature
  • The resort is embraced by a variety of flowers and aromatic plants. Sage, rosemary, mint, laurel, lavender, spearmint, basil, and oregano greet visitors with their scents throughout every season of the year.
  • A rich breakfast based on fruit and fresh local products, with traditional Manian dishes made to order. Discover the authentic flavors of Mani by savoring siglino, travichtes, lalaggia, olives, thyme honey, kayana, homemade marmalades, and fresh eggs.

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Our rooms and suites offer warmth and comfort while maintaining a sense of tradition and authenticity. With amenities like high-quality features and stunning views of Mani’s natural landscape, the stone-built rooms create a unique accommodation experience that exceeds your expectations.


Make the most of your time

Laconian Mani is an area that stands out for its history, culture, and incredible natural beauty. Every visit here is a unique experience, offering unforgettable moments and discoveries. Combine your stay in the village of Alika with exploring historic villages and hiking in nature with views of the sea.

Tasting and cooking

Our desire is to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

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